North American Association of Chinese Engine Engineers (NAACEE) was founded in 1996 and registered in the State of Michigan, U.S.A. NAACEE is a non-profit, non-partisan professional society. Its objectives are:

* To advance members’ knowledge and career development in the field of internal combustion engines
* To provide a technical forum and networking opportunities for our members
* To promote the technical exchange between North American and Chinese engine communities


北美华人发动机工程师协会 (NAACEE) 是一个无党派非赢利性学术团体,成立于1996年,秘书处设在密歇根州。协会宗旨是:

推动北美华人发动机技术专家和学者之间的学术交流,研讨发动机行业的发展动态,并增进会员间的联谊。协会还不定期组织中美两国发动 机专业学术团体之间的交流。协会欢迎所有从事发动机以及相关零配件工作的专业人士加入,也欢迎广大会员和赞助单位积极参与协会的各项活动。